Personal assistance with rehabilitation after neurological damage and diseases

Rehdo is a specialist clinic in neurological rehabilitation with long experience and well-documented knowledge of creating the best conditions for each patient. With a great commitment, each patient receives personal rehabilitation and a good understanding of how rehabilitation works.

Welcome to Rehdo

Professional competence combined with a personal commitment. The goal is the best improvement and a good understanding of the mechanisms..

Rehdo offers various forms of medical services, mainly within the area of neurological rehabilitation, that aim to provide each patient as good life quality as possible.


• Outpatient rehabilitation after stroke and other brain injuries. Recommendations endatand acute and advice about exercise, medication, information about disease mechanisms, drugs, return to work and more.

• Medical treatment and support in clinical depression, anxiety, fatigue problems, life crises etc.

• Spasticity treatment with training recommendations and injection therapy.

• Prophylactic and acute medical treatment of chronic migraine.

• Injection treatment of excessive sweating, so called hyperhidrosis.

• Injection treatment with cortisone of joints and tendons.


Spasticity Treatment

Spasticity is a condition where the muscles are more tense than they should. It sometimes occurs after neurological injuries and diseases such as stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, etc. The most important treatment is physical training and activity for muscles and joints. Sometimes this is not enough, and then muscular injections of a certain toxin may be of great benefit. The effect lasts for about three months and during that time physical training is even more important. This procedure can be repeated if necessary.


Migraine Treatment

Migraine is a common condition with recurrent attacks of severe headache. Often triggered by hormones, food or weather changes. Sometimes an aura is experienced; neurological phenomena such as disturbance in vision etc. Many can manage by resting or taking strong painkillers, others are very affected and become very ill for up to three days. They often have good use of prophylactic treatment with a biologic neurotoxin. The drug is injected under the skin of the forehead, masticatory muscles and neck. This is done very easy and quick. The toxin blocks the neurological contact with the muscles and the pain signaling for three months. Migraine attacks become milder and more rarely. The injection is then repeated.


Treatment of excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis is also a fairly common condition. About 3% of the Swedish population suffers from this without any other underlying cause. It consists of excessive sweating without functional benefit and it can lower the quality of life significantly. A biological toxin can block the nerve that stimulates the sweat glands, and after the treatment the area hardly sweat at all. Usually the effect last for six months, but this can vary. The axillaries are the easiest and most common area to treat.


Aesthetic treatment

A botulinum toxin (Botox, Xeomin or Dysport) injection can reduce age-related wrinkles in areas such as on the forehead and around the eyes, known as crows’ feet, frown lines and worry lines. The doctors who perform our treatments are highly skilled and have many years of experience in toxin treatments. We use only licensed drugs from reliable suppliers. Following treatment, we offer a cost-free follow-up, should corrections need to be made. Botulinum toxin treatment is a minor operation that rarely causes any problems. Allergic reactions are extremely uncommon.


Other rehabilitation areas

Here you can discuss and get help with all existing issues in neurological rehabilitation. Perhaps you have had a stroke or fatigue syndrome or similar, and need good recommendations and advice on how to improve. There is so much that can be done for a better recovery. Some examples of areas that may be covered are listed below, but of course you are free to discuss what ever is troubling you.


  • Training recommendations for better muscle strength, stamina and dexterity
  • Discussion of cognitive impairments. Mapping and testing and recommendations how to handle them in everyday life. Cooperation with good neuropsychologist.
  • Conversations about life crisis and transition in life. How will life turn out in the future?
  • Pain management.
  • Driving issues.
  • Medical certificates and recommendations when returning to work.
  • Discussion of the prognosis and risk factors for future health problems. How to prevent it?
  • Various certificates for transportation service, disabled parking, insurance, etc.
  • Sex when disabled. Cooperation with licensed sex therapist available.

Please, contact me for more information and booking! We have reception in central Gothenburg, in the same premises as Frisk & Kry, Kristinelundsgatan 16. Easy to reach by public transport and parking at Heden. Elevator available.


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